About Us

Gandhinagar Urban Development Authority was created on 12-3-96 by Govt. of Gujarat. Draft Development Plan of GUDA and General Development Construction Regulations for GUDA were sanctioned by GOG on 16-2-2004 and came in to force from the same day. The prime objective of the GUDA's formation was to carry out the sustained planned development of the area failing outside the periphery of Gandhinagar Notified Area. With a view to ensure well planned development of Gandhinagar capital city and 39 villages admeasuring area of 388 sq km

The important functions of the Authority include the preparation of Development plan for the Gandhinagar Urban Agglomeration, to prepare the draft Town Planning Schemes, to implement the revised Town Planning Schemes and to monitor and control the development activities in accordance with the Revised Development Plan. Besides, it is also responsible for the development of the infrastructures like road, sewerage, water supply and other basic civic amenities.

The constitution of the authority is well defined. GUDA is governed through a board whose members are
  • -Hon. Chairman
  • -Secretary, R & B Department
  • -Collector, Gandhinagar District
  • -Chief Town Planner, Gujarat State (ex-officio member)
  • -M.D., GUDC, Gandhinagar, (Invited Member)
  • -Deputy Secretary, Urban Development Department
  • -M.L.A. of Gandhinagar, (Invited Member)
  • -President, Gandhinagar District Panchayat (ex-officio member)
  • -Financial Advisor, F.D. (Invited Member)
  • -C.E.A., AUDA, (Invited Member)
  • -C.E.A., GUDA, (Member Secretary)